Friday, February 16, 2007

THIS IS TOBEY! I love the expression on his face. You maybe know the fact wenn a baby wants, what he sees but... he won't get it. LOL!
Title is painted on coton fabric. Hidden journal behind (of course)the picture , I made some tabs on the journaling so it's easier to get it out. At the side of the lay out I did some foamstamping on overlay sheets and cut them out.

This papers alreay had some doodling in the corners, so it would be a perfect combination with my own doodling. I used a lot of rub ons to decorate the pictures. The pinkframe is selfmade and doodled. Journaling says; I'm the big sister now and I'm very proud!

(Booth of the layouts where made for Scrapland.)

Creamama Mascha