Monday, December 21, 2009

some new cards,

As many of you know...
I felt in love with grungeboard since day one.
This is a line of cards where I added the grungeboard as embelishments.
I used a lot of embossingpowders and paints on the tags or cards.
Have fun watching them and hope you'll get some inspiration from them.

Thanks for watching!
Bye Mascha


L'Hélène said...

I have some grungeboard, but do you have tips on how to get rid of the smell? It smells really harsh! Maiybe airing it in the garage for a week?

L'Hélène said...

And your tags are really beautiful!

me said...

beautiful beautiful beautiful! Great stuff,I love it! I'm glad I stumbled across your blog!

{I'm still new to blogging, but would love visitors, comments and followers!}